Myth Busters & Evernote

My Photos on the homepage of Evernote. It was great fun working with local product designer Eric Pfeiffer ( ) and the crew for Evernote. Not to mention the amazing and incredibly smart Mythbuster stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman! The shoots went very smooth and the results look awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.46.40 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.47.13 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.47.29 AM

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Double Trouble

Since it’s been so nice out recently here in the Bay Area, I’ve been out and about with the kids a lot! And, naturally, a camera. These few photos come from experimenting with double exposures, an interesting and cute way to capture warm summer memories with my children.







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Life Drawings


reclined nude watercolor

Cleaning out the garage the other day, I found a bunch of old life drawings that I hadn’t documented before. These come from the days where I focused my creative energy towards fine art, and creating my vision of these subjects. I’m really excited to have uncovered these, it’s a treat to see where I’ve come from artistically! Check out more below. (ps, they’re for sale!)


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Fish Tales

For the fish story I shot awhile back, I was inspired to be creative with the portfolio piece.  I got the idea to match the presentation of the book with the subject matter.  I used the actual waxed cardboard box the fish came in (I dug out of the dumpster behind Tokyo Fish Market) as the cover of the book , sinew as the binding cord and brown paper as wrapping.  It was fun to learn Japanese stitch bookbinding for this project. Im quite pleased with the results.  To see the Fish Tale images, click here.


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Aldea Baby Registry Catalog

Aldea Home + Baby has just come out with their new baby registry catalog.  Check it out!

photo 2


photo 1


photo 3photo 4


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Stanford Medicine Magazine

The art director of Stanford Medicine Magazine, David Armario had seen a series of abstract photos I created a while back and asked to use an image for the front cover. This is the image they chose. I love the look and design of this magazine. And I’m happy to be a part of it.


The basic concept was derived from a video I saw of a chemistry experiment involving detergent, milk and food coloring.  I did my own experiment and the results were quite interesting.  It’s amazing how something so simple can create such striking imagery.

Lightroom (milk_and_red-0040.CR2 and 1 other) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0166.CR2 and 1 other) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0147.CR2 and 1 other) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0151.CR2 and 1 other) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0197.CR2 and 1 other) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0113.CR2 and 1 other) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0172.CR2) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0187.CR2) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0151.CR2) Lightroom (milk_and_red-0212.CR2)



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About Time Cover


I’m very excited to announce and show off the latest About Time Magazine cover story! Alongside statements from Szanto Watches founder Barry Cohen, the story goes in depth about Szanto Watches and details the thought process of designing affordable, vintage-styled wristwatches. The watches really knock it out of the park with the classic, timeless vintage styling. They look great on the page, and they’ll look even better on your wrist!

Shooting at the Oakland Aviation museum was a real treat. It gave us the opportunity to  learn about the history of aviation and how it’s progressed over the years.The staff was very accommodating and gave us access to some of the vintage planes on display. With the help of my crew: Shannon Warf (photo assistant), Sam Scott (photo assistant) and Heather Sansky (prop stylist) we were able to create an interesting story and an awesome experience!  This shoot was a lot of fun and I’m very happy with the end results.


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Robert Long Lighting Catalog


Following up on my last post, Robert recently emailed me a copy of the Robert Long Lighting catalog, and it looks great! The layout really complements and supports the images, which show off the stunning lighting fixtures. Take a look, and check out his website at http://robertlonglighting.comImageImageScreen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.20.23 PM

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Robert Long Lighting

I recently had the opportunity to photograph for Robert Long Lighting. Robert Long Lighting was originally a Bay Area company founded in Sausalito in the 60’s. After some ownership changes, the company is now back in the hands of his son Robert Long Jr. The refined, classic lighting designs combine with the weight and feel of real quality materials and craftsmanship is uncommon in today’s world of off-shore manufacturing. Staging the photo shoot in Robert’s home was an awesome way to carry forth the vision of the designer. Robert’s sense of style perfectly compliments the product designs. I love the creative challenges that come with working with a new company, it always inspires a freshness of ideas.

140122_RobertLongLighting18137-Edit-Sm 140122_RobertLongLighting18173-Edit-Sm 140122_RobertLongLighting18280-Edit-Sm

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