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I love living in the Bay Area. But my favorite all time get away is (I’m not even sure I want to say it out loud for fear of spoiling the source of it’s magic, secrecy) Bolinas. But what is even more amazing is the history of Bolinas. Even in the 1850′s Bolinas was a haven for misfits and outcasts. And a friend of mine has a family home that has been there from the very beginning. The stories told at this house is of the dirty undergarments of the lives of the men and women who first built this far west frontier. Even 150 years ago, some of the first settlers were aware of the environmental impact of urban development, deforestation, natural resource depletion and wild life conservation. The battle continues today between the deverlopers and the conservationists. And for whatever reason, Bolinas has and continues to attract the most eccentric of the conservationists. And All that history can be found in the dirt between the floor boards of this well loved estate.

Sharing wine and food, while the toddlers played on the pacific ocean’s end where the world falls off the edge of the earth, and feeling the rusty patina on the cast iron door knobs, while creaking back and forth on a nearly unwound wicker rocker carried here on horse back over Mount Tamalpais 100 years ago, is an experience unfit for words. So let us hear from the pictures, perhaps they have something to say.



Laurie Furber in Country Living Magazine

Laurie Furber, CEO of Green House Design Studio, photographed by Thomas Kuoh for Country Living Magazine

Laurie Furber, CEO of Green House Design Studio, photographed by Thomas Kuoh for Country Living Magazine. Product shots by photographer Bjorn Wallander and styled by Philippine Scali.

A few months ago I had the great privilege of photographing a portrait of one of my heroines, Laurie Furber. She is a mother of three, was a VP at Pottery Barn, and now an entrepreneur and a champion of the Green Design Movement. In spite of her list of over achiever accomplishments, she is incredibly down to earth, and can give you her full presence, making you feel only the two of you ever existed in the universe. Her ability to make whoever she is talking to feel heard and their issues understood probably has a lot to do with her success in life. Whatever the case maybe, it is simply fun to be in her presence.

We shot the story on spec with help from the fabulous stylist, Shaz Araznia. Country Living ended up picking up the story for their February 2013 issue. (by the editors of Martha Stewart Living) also did an informative personal interview of Laurie, where her wit and humor shines forth, illuminating some seriously good advice on life, motherhood, entrepreneurship and personal hygien.

I really love these images. I love old things. They hold the rich memories of lives past. I’ve never been much of a materialist. However, I’ve always feel moved in the presence of pieces that offer interesting stories. Green House Design Studio is just the place for me. To point at a two hundred year old butcher’s table is to open a conversation of adventure, history, loss, desire, frustrations and sometimes even a life lesson or two.

Please enjoy these photos, because I certainly enjoyed making them.

Come Meet Jeffry Alan Marks!!!


Come Meet Jeffry Alan Marks!!! I had the great fortune of working with the Million Dollar Decorator star photographing his new line of furniture. It was a great two day shoot out in a beautiful sunny Stinson Beach house. Jeffry and the Palecek Crew were amazing to work with. And the help of amazing photo stylist Rachel Grunig pulled the shots together.

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C Magazine

Woohoo!!! Pick up the latest Oct issue of C Magazine!!! I’m in the “what’s Hot” section. It looks great in print. Thanks Rachel GrunigPalecek and Jeffery Alan Marks!

Portrait of an Artist: Kimberly Senn

Kimberly Senn and son Hugo in her San Francisco Home Studio

Kimberly Senn and son Hugo in her San Francisco Home Studio

Kim is a beautiful Momma friend of ours. Her son Hugo is the same age as our daughter Paisley and they shared a nanny at one time. Kim is one of those people who just extrudes creativity, I bet when she works out, even her sweat droplets hits the ground in aesthetically perfect geometry and form.

Kim quit her day job at a large SF ad agency over two years ago after Hugo was born in order to be with him full time. But there’s no containing her overflowing creativity. So in between diaper changes and nap schedules she created the company Senn & Sons, painting custom artwork for toddler bedrooms. And with immediate success, started expanding her product offerings to silk-screened and canvas print versions of the same graphically colorful triptychs.

And as does a Can-Doer, she agreed to let me photograph her in her home studio with less than 3 weeks to go till her due date! Kim is expecting, surprise, another boy! Thus completing the prophesied Senn and “Sons”.

I really enjoyed my time with Senn and Sons. Hugo was the first to greet me, with a big smile and funny questions. (Hugo wanted to make sure I was staying to play for a while, which I was.) He even helped in clicking the shutter to photograph his mommy. Kim’s home is a beautifully sunlit victorian with a great mix of 1900′s trim and detail, and modern touches. Her wonderful aesthetic made the shoot super simple. The space was photo ready. Fueled by homemade cookies, and bow-tie pesto, we were ready to capture some fun images.

For more on Senn & Sons, visit their website at,
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*update, picked up this story and interviewed Kim, Read it here,

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Portrait of an Artist: Ivy Jacobsen

Ivy Jacobsen Painter in her San Francisco Studio at the Hunter’s Point Naval Ship Yard

It’s quite an interesting story how I know Ivy. About 7 years ago, I rented a studio in an artist co-op called the Art Explosion in San Francisco. When my wife and I were touring the studios, she spotted a large green painting with a beautiful silhouette of a branch thru it. My wife immediately fell in love with the piece and asked me to find out who painted it and to possibly purchase it. A month later when I moved into the studio, that painting was gone and the studio space was empty, the painter had moved out that same month, just days before I moved in. We tried to track down the artist, and somehow things just didn’t work out.

Fast forward to 2010. We had a baby girl, I gave up sculpting to start a family and focused on my photography, we bought a house in Oakland, and my wife was leaving behind in SF a close knit community of first time Mommas all with babies the same age. And even though we were just moving 15 minutes across the bay bridge, it felt daunting because of the support and commiseration the Mommas offered each other. So as we settled into our new home, creating a community of Mommas in the east bay became a top priority. One of those Mommas was Ivy. Her daughter Ava was just a few weeks older than our little Paisley, and boy were the little girls cute together. And during that first get-together, thru the awkward get-to-know-new-parents question and answer period, we found out that we both had been at the Art Explosion studios but at separate times, and Jill brings up the story of the green painting with the silhouette branch, and WOW, just like that, the universe got a little bit smaller.

Ivy is just about the nicest person you will ever meet. She has a soft soothing way of being that just calms your soul. And her art is the same way. I’m really hoping to have one of her piece in my home one day, hopefully before she gets too famous.

For more on Ivy Jacobsen…

Fall Open Studio
November 3 and 4th, 11-6pm.
Hunters Point Ship Yard, San Francisco
Building 101, Studio 1423