Portrait of an Artist Series : Marco Cochrone

Marco Cochrane
Marco Cochrane in his Treasure Island Studio on San Francisco Bay working on his latest 50 foot tall sculpture “Truth and Beauty” Photographed by Thomas Kuoh.

It’s kind of an amazing story how I came to know Marco. In 2008, Tjarn, my close friend and the best man at my wedding was hanging out with his friend Pilar at Esalen Institute in Big Sur California. She was telling him about her ex-husband and their two kids, how they don’t talk anymore, but is an excellent father and an amazing figure sculptor and how he got himself a patron but how their relationship was strained because of the women that modeled for him. And as they began to hike along the coast they run into a man carrying an alabaster white sculpture of a woman. Pilar shouts, “That’s her, that’s the woman!” They walk up to the man and introduce themselves and found out that Marco is a good friend of his and had given him the sculpture.

Tjarn was very excited to relay this whole story to me, not only because of the weird coincidence, but also because I had just started figure sculpting. I realized that I knew of Marco thru his youtube videos and have seen his work. I called him to visit his studio and told him of the story from Big Sur. We had a great time chatting about sculpting, life of an artist, how he came to sculpting and much more.

In 2009 Marco contacted me and asked me to help with a very large Burningman project. But the timing wasn’t right, my baby girl was about to be born and my priorities have shifted. But as I watched his vision come to fruition, I knew I was witnessing an important moment in Art history. No one had ever done anything like this ever! The triangular lattice frame that allowed the gigantic sculpture to stand on one leg while the other leg and the arms stretched out into space was an engineering marval, but more miraculously, epically beautiful.

I feel honored to photograph him in his Treasure Island Studio on San Francisco bay as he works on his next master piece, Truth and Beauty. It is scheduled for completion in 2012. Follow the progress here, http://blissdance.us/

Bliss Dance is temporarily installed on Treasure Island, and if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and make a stop and be inspired. Pictures doesn’t do it justice, you must see it in person.

More on Bliss Dance…

Update: 9/10/2012
Marco was interviewed by the Matador Network on Vimeo…


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