Carmel Highland House

This is the beautiful home of Lou and Kristin Sena. It is perched on the top of Carmel Highlands, over looking a dramatic view of the pacific ocean, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pebble Beach Golf Course, and the entire Carmel valley. This home is designed incredibly well in all respects. From function to form, it utilises recycled building materials, natural building techniques, passive solar, earth insolation, and green roof, just to mention a few. The structure in set into the hill side, and creates a perfect blend into it’s environment. Even though it has perfect panoramic views from the hill top, you can not see the house from the beach, due to it’s symbioses with it’s surroundings.

Lou and Kristin were incredibly gracious in letting me photograph the house for my portfolio. Rachel Billings styled it, and Art Director Rachel Stephenson from Pottery Barn helped with her expert eye.

The house is available for rent for both commercial photo or video shoots, and for vacation rental. Please visit for more details.


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