Portrait of an Artist: Bryson Gill

Bryson Gill: Painter/Photo Stylist in his SF Studio Above a Custom Pillow Factory in the Mission District

Bryson Gill is truly a man of many talents. He does paint, but that’s just one of the countless things this DIYer is known for. He is handy and capable, and loves to try new things whenever possible. He helped build the walls that separate the studios of the second floor of an old custom cushion factory in San Francisco’s Mission district. In his studio I found, a hand-made globe out of reclaimed wood and twine, a matching set of hand woven leather wallet and slippers complete with fur lining and tassels. His trompe l’oeil paintings are done on top of hand stained and dyed fabrics which he sometimes stitches himself for added texture and interest. His sculptures dances between juxtaposed textures, materials and pops of color. This quite and contemplative renaissance man is the very definition of the word Artist. Never choosing the easy or quick way, he values instead the creative process, bringing forth novelty and originality. In many ways, I envy him, which makes it a great honor to have him part of my portrait series.

Update: 9/11/12
– Blown Out, new works by Bryson Gill opens this Friday at Mollusk San Francisco.
– Mullusk Surf Shop Interview


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