I love living in the Bay Area. But my favorite all time get away is (I’m not even sure I want to say it out loud for fear of spoiling the source of it’s magic, secrecy) Bolinas. But what is even more amazing is the history of Bolinas. Even in the 1850’s Bolinas was a haven for misfits and outcasts. And a friend of mine has a family home that has been there from the very beginning. The stories told at this house is of the dirty undergarments of the lives of the men and women who first built this far west frontier. Even 150 years ago, some of the first settlers were aware of the environmental impact of urban development, deforestation, natural resource depletion and wild life conservation. The battle continues today between the deverlopers and the conservationists. And for whatever reason, Bolinas has and continues to attract the most eccentric of the conservationists. And All that history can be found in the dirt between the floor boards of this well loved estate.

Sharing wine and food, while the toddlers played on the pacific ocean’s end where the world falls off the edge of the earth, and feeling the rusty patina on the cast iron door knobs, while creaking back and forth on a nearly unwound wicker rocker carried here on horse back over Mount Tamalpais 100 years ago, is an experience unfit for words. So let us hear from the pictures, perhaps they have something to say.


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