Thomas’ Camera Bag 


Well, after carrying around three separate camera bags and a separate laptop case for the past year, I’ve decided to up my game and get one rolling case to rule them all. I had been contemplating a rolling case for years, but never really committed and couldn’t do enough research to end the analysis paralysis. After looking at Joey L’s gear list, I decided to just quit stalling and go with his recommendation. I ordered the LowePro Pro Roller x200 AW from Adorama ($290). They were on some Jewish holiday, of course, but offered 3 day shipping for $0.50. What a great bunch of guys. (Who do you order from, B&H or Adorama?)

There are two cases in this category to consider, and I picked the cheaper of the two–with a few draw backs–but for $125 less, I can live with it (I’m going to rig something to fix the issue, which I’ll post about later). The two cases are ThinkTank Airport Security v2.0 ($415), and the x200AW.

lpprlx200bk_7 lpprlx200bk_5

What’s in my bag? Let’s take a look.


a. The configuration of the LowePro Case, as it came, wasn’t going to work for me, so I tore it all out and reassembled it. Note: please make sure your cuticles and hangnails are trimmed and filed. The process of pulling out and installing velcro dividers can be a surprisingly painful and a bloody process.

b. MacBookPro 15” Laptop and 30ft active USB 2.0 repeater.

c. Giotto’s Rocket air blaster. (Which I like to call the snot sucker. If you have babies, you know why.)

d. Sony alpha7r Mark II, with VGC2EM verticle grip and ProMediaGear L-Bracket and 1ft angled USB dongle installed and taped down. It has the Metabones E to EF Mark IV adapter and the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 Mark II lens.

e. Extra manfroto quick release plate.

f. Canon 90mm 2.8f tilt-shift lens.

g. Two Pocketwizard Plus III, and 2 – Pocketwizard MultiMax (not pictured Pocketwizard miniTT1 and FlexTT5 for Canon).

h. CamRanger for remote tethering to the Canon via iPad. I hardly ever use it, but can be a lifesaver in a pinch.

i. Two Sony battery Chargers. I have 4 batteries total. 2 in the grip and 2 ready to go.

j. Bluetack–no photography kit is complete without a little bit of this stuff. (Not pictured, little plastic wedges, always carry at least one.)

k. Compass–Though I barely use it now since I have the iPhone and my Sun Seeker app. But it’s good to have for remote locations.

l. Lens step-up rings. (I use a polarizer quite often, and I only have the 82mm size, so for any other size I just use cheap step up rings from Hong Kong.)

m. Full set of lenses and body caps.

n. 2TB USB3 hard drive.

o. Canon remote shutter release.

p. MacBook Charger.

q. Canon 5dm2. I prefer the Mark II to the Mark III. Yes, I know all the benefits of the M3, but I just like the M2 better, okay!

r. Large binder clips.

s. Canon charger with 2 batteries.

t. Fstoppers Flash Disc, a great little soft box for your Speedlight.

u. Extra angled USB mini and micro dongles. (Not pictured: a whole baggy of cables for the Pocketwizards to all sorts of plugs, big and small phone jacks, household, PC, etc. and hotshoe-PC adapter.)

v. Arca Swiss QR plate.

w. Rechargable AA.

x. 82mm B+W Polarizer.

y. Canon 430exII Speedlight.

z. Canon 550ex Speedlight.

aa. AA battery charger.

1. Canon 100mm 2.8f macro.

2. Sigma 12-24mm 4.5-5.6 Mark II.

3. Canon 45mm 2.8f TiltShift.

4. CF and SD Cardwallet.

5. USB3 card reader.

6. Sony remote shutter release.

7. Color filters for Speedlight.

8. Assortment of little tools. Little screwdriver set, allen key set, carabiner, small ball of twine, plastic Spudger, Leatherman, nail clipper, Sharpie, pen/highlighter, retractable lens brush, more Allen wrenches, another multi-tool, small ball of polyester batting, a couple of Q-tips.

9. Jack the cat.

That’s it. All in all, I think the bag weighs about 40lbs without the cat.

Happy shooting!



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